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Songwriting Tips And Articles

Read the songwriting articles below to get creative songwriting tips and advice that will help you write better music and develop your songwriter skills.

how to become a better songwriter

3 Steps To Improving Your Songwriting Fast

Are you not making fast progress toward your goal of becoming a great songwriter?  To make faster progress, you need to 'pinpoint' your goals, create specific steps to achieve them and take consistent action. Learn the details of this process and become a better songwriter.

3 great endings for your song

3 Quick And Easy Ways To Complete Your Song

Are you constantly getting stuck whenever you sit down to write a song? The reason you are getting stuck is likely that you do not know how to connect one section in your song to the next. Learn how to do this by reading this article with songwriting help.

songwriting mistakes that kill creativity

4 Big Songwriting Mistakes That Kill Your Creativity

To become a great songwriter you must be able to consistently think of new ideas for your songs. To do this, you must avoid 4 common songwriting mistakes that are made by most musicians. Learn how by reading this article with ideas for writing songs.

demand attention from your audience

How To Create Songs That Grab Your Listener's Attention

Want to write music that instantly grabs the attention of anyone listening? Learn how with the songwriting tips in this article about how to create songs in a way that gets people to stop and take notice.

how to write a melody

How To Write Catchy Melodies For Your Songs

Want to know how to write catchy melodies that get stuck in the mind of your listeners? Although many songwriters struggle with this, you can quickly learn how by using the three powerful songwriting methods this article about writing melodies.

How to write music that expresses your emotions

Why You Can't Write Music That Accurately Expresses Your Ideas

Do you struggle to write songs that sound how you want them to? Most likely, your current approach to songwriting limits self-expression. Learn how to write music that accurately expresses your ideas.

Self-expression in music

The 'Missing'  Element Needed To Express Yourself In Music

Want to express yourself creatively in your songs? Use the songwriting tips, techniques and exercises in this article to enhance your music expression skills using one of the most powerful musical elements.

Using unity and variety in your songwriting

How To Write Better Songs With "Unity And Variety"

Does your music not sound how you want it to? If so, it is 'not' because you lack the ability to write good songs. Chances are, your music lacks a balance of unity and variety. Learn how to write songs using unity and variety with the songwriting tips in this article.

mistakes to avoid when writing music for guitar

Write Better Songs For Guitar By Avoiding These 3 Mistakes

Looking for guitar songwriting tips? Musicians often make guitar music using a single, ineffective approach. To truly write great songs on guitar, you must develop many creative approaches to get consistent results. Read this article to learn how to write songs on guitar more creatively.

How to write song lyrics that match the music

How To Write Song Lyrics That Match A Music Melody

Want to know how to use a musical melody with your song lyrics? Many musicians struggle to write lyrics because they can't match words to music. Learn how to write musical song lyrics by reading this songwriting article with tips on how to write a melody for lyrics.

writing songs using chord progressions

How To Use Chords To Write Songs

Do you need chords to use in your songwriting? By understanding how chords work together, you gain the powerful ability to create songs with a sense of direction. Learn how to write common chord progressions by reading the songwriting tips in this article.

why your favorite songs sound so good?

How To Use Your Favorite Songs To Write Music

A great way to improve your songwriting is to analyze the techniques used in the music you enjoy most. Learn how to use the main elements of songwriting to analyze your favorite songs.

Guest Articles About Songwriting

Writing songs with a band

How To Write Songs With A Band

Writing music with other band members can present you with challenges that may significantly slow down the songwriting process. Learn how to cooperate with your bandmates to write songs by reading this article on how to write a song with a band by Ryan Duke.