How To Capture Inspiration And Write A Song With It

Tommaso Zillio

song writing inspiration

You are taking a walk and you are singing under your breath. Suddenly you realize that you just got a GREAT idea for a new song! Wow, you feel great... and then in a moment you sink into panic: now that you came up with an idea you have simply no idea what to do to compose a song.

All your thoughts converge on a single question: "WHAT NOW?"

It's a good question: what is the very FIRST thing that you should do when you get an idea for a new song? I'll let you think for a moment. In fact, just stop reading for a moment, grab a piece of paper and write down the answer.

Done? (if you have not done it, just do it right now. You will learn much more if you spend even just one minute thinking about it)

Is your answer along the lines of: "I'm grabbing my guitar and transcribe the idea so I can play it"? If so, you are wrong.

Is your answer: "I am recording my idea on my iPhone so I can listen to it later"? That's better: you did some good thinking... but it's still wrong. This is a good second thing to do, though!

Is your answer: "I keep singing the idea so I'll get more familiar with it and see if some other idea comes out"? Well guess... still wrong.

So what is the VERY FIRST thing that you should do in this case? You can see it in the video below... and I'm willing to bet that you didn't think about it. Watch it now:

So, did you get it right, or did the answer surprise you? Let me know if you knew the right answer and what you think about it in the comments below... I'm interested in reading your thoughts.

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