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Legend Lyrics - The Ultimate Lyric Writing Course

How To Write Great Lyrics & Incredible Songs

  • Do you want to write lyrics (and music) for your own songs, but don't know how to get started?

  • Have you tried to write lyrics for songs, but only got frustrated because you thought your lyrics were dumb?

  • Do you feel stuck because you’ve started writing lyrics and songs, but struggle to finish them?

ruth is, most people sit down, try to write some lyrics, and end up frustrated because they don’t know where to start, or cannot finish what they started, or are stuck with mediocre lyrics that don’t excite them … nor anybody else.

They don’t actually practice writing lyrics to become a better writer - which is crucial to developing the skills.

Over the years, I coached many aspiring songwriters to write their best lyrics ever.

Now, I want to help YOU avoid all the songwriting pitfalls and save years of wasted time and endless frustration.

That’s why I created: Legend Lyrics - The Ultimate Lyric Writing Course

Overcoming Writer's Block for Songwriters

How To Put An End To Musical Writer's Block And Gain Inspiration For Songwriting

Are you unsure how to get started, continue or finish your song? Do you ever struggle to create tons of great ideas for songwriting? If so, you must develop effective methods for creating new songwriting ideas right away - otherwise you will never make progress as a songwriter and write music that sounds exactly how you want it to. Develop powerful methods for creating tons of great songwriting ideas by reading this page on how to overcome musical writer's block and start writing highly self-expressive songs right away.