The Best Lessons On Songwriting Show You How To:

  • Express Your Thoughts, Emotions And Stories In Your Own Songs With Complete Accuracy so that others really feel and understand what you want to say in your music.
  • Develop Your Own Authentic And Unique Songwriting Style so that you have your own recognizable, desirable and enviable sound.
  • Compose Your Songs To Be Liked, Loved & Admired By Lots Of People; Starting With You.
  • Get The Most From Each Songwriting Lesson so that you learn more than simply ‘how to write a song’.
  • How To Write Songs Easier so you are not pulling your hair out with every song you try to write.
  • Get Started Quickly And Avoid Staring Into Space Feeling Frustrated because you don’t know how or where to begin writing your new song.
  • Generate Lots Of Different Songwriting Ideas Fast so you have several great and appropriate directions to complete the songs that you’ve already started; there are few things more frustrating to us songwriters than songs that have remained unfinished for weeks, months or even years.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, how experienced you may be or what styles of music you want to write songs in. You have the same core challenges, obstacles, desires and frustrations as we all do.

Whether you are here to learn the basics of how to write a song or are already an experienced composer, you want lessons on songwriting that will help you to consistently write great music that you can be proud of today, a month from now, and 25 years from now.

Here, you will find a growing number of high quality songwriting lessons, songwriting tips, advice, systems and other resources to help you develop your songwriting talents to the highest levels possible.

Songwriting Courses

Legend Lyrics - The Ultimate Lyric Writing Course

How To Write Great Lyrics & Incredible Songs

  • Do you want to write lyrics (and music) for your own songs, but don't know how to get started?

  • Have you tried to write lyrics for songs, but only got frustrated because you thought your lyrics were dumb?

  • Do you feel stuck because you’ve started writing lyrics and songs, but struggle to finish them?

ruth is, most people sit down, try to write some lyrics, and end up frustrated because they don’t know where to start, or cannot finish what they started, or are stuck with mediocre lyrics that don’t excite them … nor anybody else.

They don’t actually practice writing lyrics to become a better writer - which is crucial to developing the skills.

Over the years, I coached many aspiring songwriters to write their best lyrics ever.

Now, I want to help YOU avoid all the songwriting pitfalls and save years of wasted time and endless frustration.

That’s why I created: Legend Lyrics - The Ultimate Lyric Writing Course

Free Songwriting eBooks

5 ways improve your Lyrics eBook

Five Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Lyrics

Would you like to write lyrics that you really feel express what you intended them to? To know how to get plenty of inspiration for new songs? To understand how to develop your unique style?

create music that sounds like you want it to

How To Create Music That Sounds ‘Exactly’ How You Want It To

Do you want to know how to make good music that creatively expresses your unique thoughts and ideas? If you want to consistently create good music each and every time you write a song, you will need to learn what is keeping you from fully expressing yourself in your songwriting... Learn how by reading this free eBook on 7 most common problems that cause your music to “not sound right”.

chord progressions for songwriting

Chord Progressions For Songwriters

Are you trying to find which chords to use so that you can make your music more interesting, unique and creative? In order to get the most out of any chord progression you need to learn HOW to use them to enhance your music. You can find everything you need in this free eBook on 5 Powerful Chord Progressions Ideas To Enhance Your Songwriting.

songwriting mistakes that kill your creativity

Writing Lyrics Like Your Favorite Singers

Would you like to write incredible vocal melodies in your songs? Do you wish you knew the methods and techniques that your favorite singers use to create their own vocal lines while writing song lyrics? Do you want to reproduce the same feeling you get from your favorite singers melodies into the melodies you write? Download and read this free eBook on Writing Song Lyrics.

LIVE Streams

Songwriting Live streams with songwriters, composers, and music educators.

Click here for more Songwriting Live Streams and to know when we are doing the next one!

Latest Songwriting Videos

How do you know if you’ve written a good lyric

Writing Lyrics: Do’s and Don’ts

How do you know if you’ve written a good lyric?

We usually judge our work according to whether we feel that we like it or not. Our preferences are of great importance, but this by itself doesn’t help us know how to improve our drafts. This video gives you helpful perspectives on how to know if you’ve written good lyrics and how to improve them:

riff development

How To Develop Musical Ideas To Create Dynamic Guitar Riffs

guitar players can come up with good riffs with a bit of trial and error. And then they just repeat them over and over... but just repeating a riff does not a song make. Today I will show you how I helped a guitar player by taking one of his riff and showing him lots of variations that he can use in his song. Click here to watch a video with a lot of juicy examples on how to develop a guitar riff into a song

song writing instruments

What Instruments Should A Songwriter/Composer Know How To Play?

This is a question that I receive surprisingly often: "Hey Tommaso, what instruments do I need to learn to become a good songwriter? I already play instrument X, but I was wondering if I should branch out". Incidentally, it's also a great question! Click here to find out what are the three master instruments for songwriting and how they can help you become a great composer.

melodic pedals

Creating Memorable Melodies By Selective Repeating

The first thing that 99% of the listeners notice in a song is the melody of the song. But if you open a composition or music theory book, you'll find chapters and chapters about chords and musical forms, but very little on how to write a melody. And yet there is a lot that can be taught and learned about melodies. Click here to see a simple "secret" passed down from the master composers that will make you write great melodies in few minutes. Guaranteed.

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Latest Songwriting Articles

How to finish more of your songs

NEW! Why it feels hard finishing songs - and how you can make it easier

Many people find it fairly easy to choose chords or hum a melody that’s a good match for the mood they want to express, but a lot harder to develop that into a finished song. There are actually some specific reasons for this, and when you understand them, it’s much easier to get those unfinished songs completed. Read this article to finish more songs.

song arrangement ideas

4 Unorthodox Arranging Ideas For Your Songs

Most singers-songwriters focus exclusively on the melody, the harmony (chords), and the lyrics of their songs, and they forget about song arrangement. And yet arrangement can make the difference between a hit song and a failure. Click here to learn 4 unusual ways to arrange your songs so you will have something unique for your next song! (4 minutes read)

dealing with writer's block

When Top Songwriters Get Writer's Block, This Is What They Do

Everybody creative has experienced writer's block before or later: that dreadful feeling of not being able to come up with any creative musical or lyrical idea. Professionals have it too, but what sets them apart is that they have specific strategies to deal with it and become creative again as fast as possible. I have collected for you six strategies to deal with writer's block, and I'm sure that they will take you out of your rut in no time! (5 minutes read)

intelligent song lyric repetition

Creative Lyric Writing Secrets: When Simple Repetition Is Not Enough

How to write catchy lyrics for a chorus? How to write memorable song titles? And especially, what Shakespeare has to do with any of it? It turns out that one of the secrets of the Bard is also one of the most used principles in modern songwriting. Click here, my friend, click here to learn how a little intelligent lyrical repetition can make your song great. (3 minutes read)

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Latest Songwriting Interviews

songwriting interview with simone mularoni

Songwriting Interview With Simone Mularoni

Simone Mularoni is popularly known as the guitarist and main songwriter in Italian metal bands DGM and Empyrios. With DGM, he has released 3 studio albums and toured throughout Europe. Learn how he comes up with songwriting ideas in his bands by listening to this exclusive interview.

Songwriting Interview With Jorn Viggo Lofstad

Jorn Viggo Lofstad is a songwriter and guitar player in Pagan's Mind. In addition to releasing many full length albums and touring internationally with Pagan's Mind, he has also written music with Jorn Lande as a member of Jorn. Learn about his songwriting process by listening to this interview.

Songwriting interview with Mats Haugen

Songwriting Interview With Mats Haugen

Mats Haugen is a guitarist and songwriter who has released several full length albums and toured around the world in the progressive metal band Circus Maximus. Listen to his thoughts about writing melodic metal music in this exclusive interview.

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