Songwriting Videos

On this page you will find exclusive videos on songwriting that will help you keep your inspiration alive and boot your technical skills as a song writer. Take some time to watch all these songwriting videos (I suggest taking a few notes for your future reference too) and you will see how writing a song is not a big mystery, but a skill that you can learn and train and get better at. Have fun!

How do you know if you’ve written a good lyric

Writing Lyrics: Do’s and Don’ts

How do you know if you’ve written a good lyric?

We usually judge our work according to whether we feel that we like it or not. Our preferences are of great importance, but this by itself doesn’t help us know how to improve our drafts. This video gives you helpful perspectives on how to know if you’ve written good lyrics and how to improve them:

riff development

How To Develop Musical Ideas To Create Dynamic Guitar Riffs

NEW!Many guitar players can come up with good riffs with a bit of trial and error. And then they just repeat them over and over... but just repeating a riff does not a song make. Today I will show you how I helped a guitar player by taking one of his riff and showing him lots of variations that he can use in his song. Click here to watch a video with a lot of juicy examples on how to develop a guitar riff into a song

song writing instruments

What Instruments Should A Songwriter/Composer Know How To Play?

This is a question that I receive surprisingly often: "Hey Tommaso, what instruments do I need to learn to become a good songwriter? I already play instrument X, but I was wondering if I should branch out". Incidentally, it's also a great question! Click here to find out what are the three master instruments for songwriting and how they can help you become a great composer.

melodic pedals

Creating Memorable Melodies By Selective Repeating

The first thing that 99% of the listeners notice in a song is the melody of the song. But if you open a composition or music theory book, you'll find chapters and chapters about chords and musical forms, but very little on how to write a melody. And yet there is a lot that can be taught and learned about melodies. Click here to see a simple "secret" passed down from the master composers that will make you write great melodies in few minutes. Guaranteed.

get out of your rut

How To Get Endless Musical Inspiration And Never Experience Writer's Block

Every songwriter has had moments where inspiration just does not come. It does not have to be this way. Lots of people think that inspiration is something that "just comes to you", but the reality is that there is a lot you can do to make inspiration flow again. Click here to see me explaining a young songwriter how to free his inspiration and be creative

musical form basics

How To Use Musical Form To Write Great Songs

How do you go from a single musical idea to a whole song? This seems to be literally everybody's problem: I never met a songwriter that did not have to face it in their career. It's actually really easy once you figure it out, as many people already have studied the solution to it in depth: you use "musical forms" to "cast" your ideas into a full composition. If you don't know anything (or just a little) about musical form yet, then you may not see right now how this help... so I will explain to you how to use musical form to finish a song. Click here to see how to use musical for to write great songs and finally finish all the songs that are waiting unfinished on your hard drive,

songwriting practice

How To Be Ready When Musical Inspiration Strikes

When inspiration strikes, you need to be ready for it. The more you practiced the technical side of your songwriting, the easier the song will come out of you... and the more and better songs you will be able to write. But how exactly can you practice your songwriting? Here are three easy ways that you can practice your songwriting skills, wether you are a beginner or an advanced songwriter

song writing inspiration

How To Capture Inspiration And Write A Song With It

What is the very first thing you should do when you are struck by inspiration? Grab your instrument and start composing? Fire up your computer to record your ideas? And how these ideas worked for you so far? if you are like most songwriters, by doing these things you lose inspiration very fast. So what should you do? Click here to see what is the first thing to do when inspiration strikes and you'll see that you will be able to write (and finish!) many more songs jus by doing this little simple thing.

important songwriting skill

What Is The Most Important Skill For A Songwriter To Master?

What is the MOST important skill that a songwriter needs to master? What is the skill that will make everything else easier for a songwriter? What is the skill that is a great starting point for a beginner songwriter to study? Click here to see what is the most important songwriting skill and how by learning it you will move to the next level.