How To Be Ready When Musical Inspiration Strikes

Tommaso Zillio

songwriting practice

Yes, it happened to you. One day you were just minding your own business and suddenly inspiration stroke! You had an idea for a song! You grabbed your guitar, transcribed your idea, played it a few times... and then nothing. Inspiration struck and you weren't ready to receive it.

What can you do to be ready when inspiration strikes?

Well, you HAVE to do something, unless you want to end up with hundreds of half-finished songs... and then your friends are asking you "can you play me one of your songs?" and you say "well, I have this IDEA for a song but I haven't finished yet..."

To find out what you can do to be ready, we have to understand what is happening. You see, a songwriter is a person that mastered TWO elements, and so far you took proper care of only one (if even):

  1. The first element is inspiration. This is not really hard to take care of (as we'll see soon in another video): every human being has the potential for abundant inspiration and if you are even reading this article right now I know you have at least a little inspiration already (otherwise you would be reading the article about "85 ways to sweep pick your arpeggios" right?)

  2. The second, and most neglected, element of songwriting is compositional technique. In short, this is something you train in order to be absolutely ready when inspiration strikes. The right moment to study and practice this is NOT when you are inspired: it's BEFORE you are inspired.

And yes, I did just suggest that you have to "practice" songwriting. What, you thought that songwriting was something that come naturally? Of course not: inspiration comes naturally, but you have to practice if you want to write a song.

The good news is that practicing songwriting is fun and easy if you know what to do. So in the video below I explain three ways to practice your songwriting that even a beginner songwriter can do, and that even advanced songwriters will find interesting.

So the only thing left to do for you is to try out these three compositional exercises... and as a byproduct not only you will get some nice music composed, but the next time the Muse will knock at your door you will be ready to write your masterpiece... effortlessly. Enjoy!

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