What Is The Most Important Skill For A Songwriter To Master?

Tommaso Zillio

important songwriting skill

Are you born a songwriter, or do you become one? And if the latter, how do you become a songwriter? What skills do you have to master, and how? These questions have been asked by many aspiring writers, and I will answer them for you right now. Keep reading.

First of all, let me get rid of the elephant in the room. The reality is that everybody can become a songwriter if they want. The myth that songwriters are born and not made is very common for two reasons:

  1. ALL beginners songwriters experience some difficulty at the beginning (yes, you are NOT the only one!), so when some people give it up at the first difficulty, they justify it to themselves that they are not "born a songwriter". But this is simply because they don't know what they have to do to get through the first difficulties (see below)

  2. Already accomplished songwriters like to create an aura of myth and mystery around them. Saying: "I got so good at writing because I worked my ass off" does not have the same ring as 'It comes easy to me, I must be a natural".

So now we established that you CAN become a songwriter, even if you never wrote a single song so far. The very fact that you are reading this article means that you are interested in songwriting, which in turn means that somewhere inside you there is already the spark of inspiration.

Yes, the music is inside you already.

You just have not learned yet HOW to let that inspiration shine through.

As it turns out, there is ONE specific skills that will give you the best bang for the buck in songwriting. That is to say, this skill is not so hard to learn, and makes writing songs MUCH easier... in fact after a while it will feel as natural as walking.

There is a problem, though. This skill has been much maligned in the past... and for good reason. It has been often taught in the wrong ways, and so many musicians have start to doubt its usefulness and effectiveness.

As you may have noticed, I haven't mentioned what skill this is yet. Yes, I am doing it on purpose. If you want to know what this skill is, you have to watch the video below - and please, watch ALL of it as I am going to make many important points on how to train and master the skill that is most important for all songwriters and composers

See? It is not so hard as some people may have led you to believe. You can train this skills every day - and ENJOY the time you spend training it. In fact, you have been training and reinforcing it already for years, you just did not know you were doing it. With the tips I give in the video, you will soon master it and put it to good use.

Have fun writing songs!

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