How To Write Incredible Lyrics & Your Best Songs Ever … Even If You Don’t Know How To Start - Or Think Your Lyrics Just Plain Suck

How To Write Great Lyrics & Incredible Songs

  • Do you want to write lyrics (and music) for your own songs, but don't know how to get started?

  • Have you tried to write lyrics for songs, but only got frustrated because you thought your lyrics were dumb?

  • Do you feel stuck because you’ve started writing lyrics and songs, but struggle to finish them?

I know how you feel. Many songwriters have felt this way…

… but what I’ve found is virtually ANYONE can learn to write great lyrics and songs that people love …

… once they have proven methods, frameworks and guidance that really work.

Truth is, most people sit down, try to write some lyrics, and end up frustrated because they don’t know where to start, or cannot finish what they started, or are stuck with mediocre lyrics that don’t excite them … nor anybody else.

They don’t actually practice writing lyrics to become a better writer - which is crucial to developing the skills.

They confuse “trying to write lyrics” with “practicing lyric writing” (that’s one reason they remain stuck).

In other words, they think they are practicing their songwriting when they try to write a song.

This is not practice.

Real lyric writing practice looks different – and brings you much greater (and faster) results.

Writing great lyrics is not a matter of talent or creativity, or having “what it takes”. It’s all about having the right tools, frameworks, processes, and guidance that enable you to crank out legendary lyrics like a machine.

Hi, my name is Diana De Cabarrus. In my early years as a songwriter, I made all the same mistakes and boy, did I struggle ...

… until I finally got so sick and tired that I finally did something about it.

I started working with an awesome songwriting coach and soon after, I wrote the best lyrics (and music) of my life.

Great ideas flowed out of me like a fountain…

… and I was finally able to express myself through my words & music in the way I had always wanted to.

The songwriting process is very different to the experience of enjoying songs as a fan. But that’s how many of us come to be interested in songwriting. We can bridge this gap, but we need the right resources, perspectives and techniques.

Over the years, I coached many aspiring songwriters to write their best lyrics ever.

I’ve had the honor of coaching songwriters from around the world at a packed $2000 per-seat ticket songwriting event in Chicago.

Now, I want to help YOU avoid all the songwriting pitfalls and save years of wasted time and endless frustration.

That’s why I created …

Legend Lyrics - The Ultimate Lyric Writing Course

Learn to write lyrics like a pro

If you want to write lyrics that deeply touch people, that excite them, or make them cry, make them laugh, or sit in awe of, my Legend Lyrics course is for you!

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Who is this lyric-writing course for?

Beginning songwriters: This lyric-writing course will help you get started with your lyrics and songs and minimise the frustration and trial and error. You will not waste any time or develop bad habits, and you will get right to the most useful ideas and tools. Your skills will develop in a holistic way to help you express your ideas clearly and powerfully.

Experienced songwriters who are stuck: If you have some experience writing songs and perhaps also performing and releasing music, but you feel like you’ve run out of steam, you’re not writing consistently in a way that feels meaningful, or the way you came up with songs at the start of your creative trajectory doesn’t feel reliable now, Legend Lyrics will help you get a much deeper understanding of what you are doing and what else you can bring in to expand what’s available to you and expand the scope of your creativity.

If you’re a songwriter who typically finds they have an easier time with the music, but you want to write better lyrics, Legend Lyrics will help you bring your skills up to match your musical skills.

There is also advice on how to develop chord progressions and melodies that suit your lyrics – so if you’ve relied on other musicians for that in the past, you’ll get tools to do this.

Even if you find it easy to come up with lyrical material and you’ve never had any type of coaching or instruction, you’ll be amazed at how much more powerful the result is when you really add knowledge and tools to the material you’re already coming up with.

Here’s What You Get:

  • A complete understanding what makes successful lyrics successful – learning this will help you demystify lyric writing because you’ll always know EXACTLY what makes some lyrics great and others not. You can’t consistently write great lyrics without this piece.

  • My unique step-by-step process to make mediocre lyrics good, good lyrics great and great lyrics unforgettable so that you have a clear path to continuously improve and upgrade your own lyrics.

  • How to start writing great lyrics no matter who you are – even if you’ve never written lyrics before or have tried before but failed. With the right method, anyone (yes, that includes you) can do this.

  • You learn how to write songs faster, better, and actually finish the songs you start. Legend Lyrics, with its unique, proven, and easy-to-follow methods will help you achieve all three.

  • You get straightforward lyric writing templates and multiple frameworks to make writing lyrics easier.

  • You learn how to collect all the ideas you have and capture them so you’re never stuck for inspiration for songs.

What will I receive in my lyric-writing lessons?

Video, audio, templates, training activities. This is't just listening to lectures. Throughout the year there are other opportunities to connect with me and submit questions you might have.

In Every Session, You Will Get:

One Legend Lyrics Video Lesson

Concepts are explained with examples and timed application activities for you to follow.

One Legend Lyrics Audio Lesson

Review the content in a convenient way wherever you are and consolidate your understanding.

One Legend Lyrics PDF

In every session, you get a transcript of the video lesson and additional work sheets, prompts and bonus items depending on the session.

Plus, You Also Get These Awesome Songwriting Bonuses:

Bonus #1: 100 Chord Progressions To Use In Your Songs

If you put a whole lot of effort into writing lyrics, you’re going to want chord progressions that can help you create the finished song. In this resource I have compiled 100 chord progressions you can use to complement your lyric-writing.

You can play through these progressions to choose one that has a mood which suits the kind of song you want to write, and you can choose one before you have written the lyric to help guide the writing.

The chord progressions are available in three keys so you have a choice to suit different vocal ranges. You can use them as written or use them as starting points to modify them. Keeping track of the ones you like the best will also help you identify and develop your own style.

This will save you a lot of trial and error, since the progressions included have been chosen because they work and can support a lot of melodies.

Value: $97 - Free to you when you choose Gold or Silver Level

Bonus #2: Five Ways To Improve Your Melodies

A great melody will make your songs addictive and your listeners eager to hear your songs again and again.

With the raw ingredients of chords, melody and lyrics, you can create songs to perform by yourself or in collaboration with others.

This video/audio lesson goes over simple, powerful ideas that can really enhance your melodies and the overall depth of your musical insights.

You will learn how to craft melodies that complement your lyrics, how to refine your melodic ideas and how to use a special ingredient to make your melodies catchy and memorable.

Value: $77 - Free to you when you choose Gold Level

Bonus #3: The Chords In A Key

You may have heard the expression ‘This song is the key of G’ and not been entirely sure what that meant, or how the chords were related to one another. Understanding the basics of how the relationships between chords work is very powerful for songwriters and this pdf will help you put those pieces together.

The theory of how we derive the chords in a key is often explained in a confusing way that makes it unnecessarily complicated. I was totally confused about chord theory for years because …a jazzer tried to explain it to me… ;)

It also helps you understand more about music you may enjoy listening and playing to as well as music you may want to create to understand the commonest ways in which chords relate to one another. This bonus item comes with lesson 4 in the course. Even if you’re acquainted with this aspect of music theory there is a unique way to apply it that we cover in this session.

Value: $67 - FREE with lesson 4.

Bonus #4 - LIVE Video Support With Me

Throughout the year, there are multiple opportunities to connect with me and other students for feedback on your song drafts/works in progress, suggestions on how to approach revisions (including which elements to address first) and how to develop your specific idea to completion.

live video Q & A sessions
: special sessions to enhance your creative practice with additional song-starters and creative prompts.

You’ll be surprised at what you can create when you have a variety of different starting points, and the extra accountability of a scheduled time dedicated to creative development.

"I can highly recommend Legend Lyrics to anyone who would like to bring more awareness to their song-writing process, and are wanting to dig a bit deeper to develop their craft.

I have appreciated how it brings a clear focus to different elements of writing song lyrics along with practical tasks to experience the ideas.

It has helped me to look at how I can be more engaged and constructive with my own writing... and see opportunities for creative decision-making in places I have perhaps felt a bit stuck.

It is a great resource and I will no doubt return to it again and again. Thanks Diana!"

Karen Moohin

"I’ve previously attended some workshops for songwriting, and I’ve written a few songs, so I did have some experience. 

Two things in particular stick out - the section on categories of language took a while for me to grasp but has been one of the best things I’ve taken from the course.

The section on rhyme was more in-depth than previous courses… it showed the application and effect that can be achieved through rhyme.

The workshops in each lesson I found very useful.

It’s a simple yet deep and not bogged-down course… it takes a practical approach and that suited me.

I’d recommend this course if you want to expand your knowledge of songwriting and get pleasure from producing your own musical ideas"

Nat Wilson

"I’ve had the pleasure to be able to take a look at Diana’s course Legend Lyrics and it’s the best I’ve seen for learning how to write better lyrics.

I’m a songwriter myself, and the ideas in this course have already made me generate new lyric ideas faster for my songs. It has also taught me how to write lyrics in a way that is more emotionally compelling and will connect with the listener better.

This course is partly about learning creative tips and tricks to write emotional lyrics fast, but also training you to be a more creative person in general, and that’s priceless.

I have also seen Diana teach this material in person at various masterclasses, and I’m always impressed by her vast knowledge and ability to teach lyric writing concepts in a way that applies to many different musical styles.

If you want to learn how to consistently generate great lyric ideas for your music and train yourself to become a more creative lyric-writer and person, I can recommend Diana’s course."

Johan Tillgren – Professional guitarist and teacher

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